"Das designed my detached ADU. His design conformed to the new “no setback” city of Portland requirements, yet created a beautiful vaulted space perfect for my needs. He walked the project through the permit process without issues, and helped to make sure the building process moved forward in good working order. I highly recommend Das, both for his design abilities and the ease of our working relationship. He is friendly, interested, and highly professional. Together with his son Justin, who built my ADU, they did an outstanding job with real attention to detail, follow through, and delivered a wonderful new home. Bottom line, Das, Justin and their crew are ethical people who are a delight to co-create with."

Brock Noyes Stumptown Realty

Das Chapin has worked with us on everything from simple handyman repairs to major multi-plex renovations to concepting for new construction.  In a time when it's a struggle to get many contractors to even return a phonecall Das has been lightning-fast in his responsiveness, never missed an appointment or called with a lame excuse or ever led us to feel that he was too busy for us-- even if he might have been.  His knowledge of construction processess and techniques proved wide-ranging and he's demonstrated terrific problem-solving skills as well-- not to mention that he can actually handle all the tools himself, which seems like an obvious requirement in a contractor but has proven otherwise with others we've used.  But most of all Das always remains upbeat, cheerful, and even as if he's enjoying himself when meeting a wide variety of design and construction challenges.

Jeff Wallach and Renee Renfrow
Owners and Managing Partners
    Chief Sequoia Properties
    Basalt Properties
    Porch Swing Properties
    Area 51 Properties

Das built an upstairs bathroom for my 1925 Laurelhurst bungalow. The design he came up with was so much better than the two previous proposals I'd had.  His work transformed the space and I could not be happier.

Das is a master craftsman.  He totally knows what he is doing, what works, what doesn't, and what materials are best.  He has a great eye, is attentive to detail, and was right on about cost.

Terry D