About Me


I live in Portland and ninety percent of the projects I work on are within the city limits and the majority of those are ADUs in one form or another. Though from away I love this city and its commitment to expand housing in new and innovative ways. I offer my design services for people interesting in creating new space for themselves, their families, or a new rental property.

I started working with wood in the early eighties as a furniture maker while completing my theatrical scenic design degree. After designing and building for theater, television, trade shows, and movies in Boston I moved to rural Maine to raise a family and began designing and building homes. Soon after I began concentrating on alternative construction techniques involving strawbales and earthen plaster, hand hewn timber frames, and super insulated envelopes.  Within a few years going all in on the alternative community movement I moved deep into the woods with no running water or electricity where I designed and helped build for the next ten years not only domiciles, but temples and healing facilities. I was also a yoga instructor and Ayurvedic practitioner during this time. Eventually the sea called me away to the island of Nantucket where my wife and I lived on a Pearson 365 sailboat and I supervised the building of mega homes for the rich and famous.  After a few more life changes I packed up my pickup truck and headed west along the Lewis and Clark Trail landing in Portland. And here I am fully embracing this ADU wonderland bringing all those years of design and building expertise with me.

CCB License number 206030